St. Matthew’s PTA Fundraiser Strawberry Fair

The PTA has been invited to help manage a drinks bar at the Strawberry Fair on Saturday 1st June, with profits to be shared with the PTA. This is a great opportunity to fundraise from outside the school community whilst also helping the local community. Strawberry Fair is a non profit organisation that has entertained and benefited Cambridge and the local community for decades, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.   

Please sign up here to help and come along to socialise before or after a shift at the bar!  Any query, please email

Urgent Update on School Funding

School funding this year is once again not keeping up with significant increases in costs that schools face.  Funding for St Matthew’s has fallen in real terms again this year. The school has made many cuts and efficiencies in response to years of underfunding, but there are limits to how much can be cut without impacting our children’s education.

Our School needs You!

Please help the PTA to help the school thrive!

As the summer approaches we have a number of PTA members leaving the school or stepping down after multiple years. The PTA needs volunteers to join the PTA Committee and Core group to continue our work.

If you think you can help then get in touch!

Whatever time you have available we can put it to good use. Thorough handover and support will be provided.

You can shape your own role, share your vision, contribute your skills and lead with your ideas. Together we can fundraise, provide community activities and enrich the school’s community life.

Please join, you can make a difference!

Please get in touch:

or sign up here: