Colour Run report

We are thrilled with the success of the inaugural St Matthew’s Colour Run, which took place at the end of April 2023. This was a school-wide fun run in which every child from each class could choose to walk, skip, dance, hop or run around the cage dressed in their most colourful clothes to contribute to a total number of laps for each year group. The aim of the event was to raise funds for the leases on some of the schools Chromebooks that are used for delivering the ICT curriculum across the school. This is just one of the projects the school have asked the PTA to help fund during this challenging time for school finances.

It goes without saying that those with the longest legs managed to complete the most laps, however when we looked at the results across the year groups it is striking to see how well Year 4 performed, totting up 4,003 laps – only just behind Year 6’s 4,022 laps.

Altogether pupils completed 22,087 laps in some extremely colourful and imaginative outfits.

Year groups were also competing against one another for who could raise the most funds. Year 2 just made it to the top of the leaderboard with £1,076.91 closely followed by Year 1.

Year groupAmount raised
1stYear 2£1076.91
2ndYear 1£1065
3rdYear 3£1007.02
4thYear 6£944.50
6thYear 5£901.50
7thYear 4£870

In total, with Gift Aid added, the Colour Run raised an incredible £8,034.38, completely smashing the original £4,000 target. This means we can not only fund the Chromebooks lease renewal but also contribute to the projects that the school has asked for help funding due to its budget deficit.

A huge THANK YOU and well done to everyone who walked, ran, dressed up and/or donated. An extra big thank you to Mrs Woolfe for single-handedly coordinating every run within class PE lessons and bringing so much colour, energy and joy to the event. We really appreciate everything you did to make the event such a success.

As a gesture of thanks for participating, the PTA will be giving a badge to everyone in Reception to Year 6. They will be handed out in PE lessons at the end of June.