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Pay it forward – how it works… 

In previous years, the school has been in a position to make some funding available to pay for school trips and activities for children and families facing financial hardship. As the number of families in this group has risen and the national issues of school funding are hitting St Matthews, the school will continue to offer subsidised places to those unable to pay, however in reality there is no additional source of funding to finance this commitment, which could mean the frequency or scope of trips has to be scaled back.

We firmly believe that every child should benefit from all of these important enrichment experiences and have launched a pay-it-forward scheme to provide a mechanism for a class/year group community to come together and help to crowdfund places on these school trips and activities to help make these trips a possibility for everyone. 

Please be reassured that no individual child will be left behind, however, if the school are unable to raise minimum levels of funding for a particular trip it is at that point that the trip may have to be scaled back or reconsidered which would have an impact across the year group. 

Any amount you choose to give will be used to fund places on the specified trip/activity for children of families in your year group facing financial hardship. 

In the event of a surplus, any additional donations will go towards a general ‘pay it forward’ fund to be used to help pay for places on trips across the school community. 

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